As part of our collaboration narrative, aptly dubbed “BELLA+CANVAS x ____,” we’ve tapped Koreatown, LA’s cult-favorite smash burger spot LOVE HOUR for a limited-edition, two-piece collection. Bringing in popular styles in retail: the SoCal tee and The Scrunch Pant, we’ve paired the two to create a capsule collection that reflects both BELLA+CANVAS and LOVE HOUR.

basketball hoop on the love hour building

LOVE HOUR is the brainchild of Michael Pak and Duy Nguyen, both of whom also founded the influencer-laced Koreatown Run Club. Now situated in the heart of Koreatown, the restaurant started off as a pop-up concept with a permanent spot at Downtown LA’s smorgasburg, as well as servicing fashion events and other contemporary spaces. Bringing in their deep network of LA’s finest creatives and influencers, LOVE HOUR is now the hot spot for late-night and weekend hangs, bringing in everyone from photographers to music producers to foodies the world over.

Love hour founders Michael Pak and Duy Nguyen standing under a basketball hoop along the love hour building

Utilizing their outdoor space as the restaurant, LOVE HOUR has a laid-back environment—something you’ll typically find at a street market or food fair. You place your order at the booth, grab it from their kitchen window, and sit at one of their myriad branded milk crates that are often used as both seats and tables.

love hour crates, one filled with bellacanvas and love hour collab clothing

It was this aesthetic that we wanted to bring into the design of this collab by literally emblazoning their signature yellow milk crate across the chest of our heavyweight SoCal tee. The Scrunch pant receives the ever-classic collegiate typeface treatment for “LOVE HOUR” with the “BELLA+CANVAS” logo running alongside it. Black was used for both styles, which allowed the tee graphic and sweatpants logos to pop in vibrant color. The collection will be made available on April 13 at both BELLA+CANVAS’ webstore and retail stores, as well as at LOVE HOUR’s webstore. Pricing for the tee will come to $38, with the sweatpants retailing for $52.

stacked diner order slips with BELLA+CANVAS + LOVE HOUR written on them

assorted love hour branded items on top of a griddle

person wearing bellcanvas love hour collab clothing sitting on upside down love hour crates

love hour founders, Michael Pak and Duy Nguyen, leaning on gate outside of their restaurant