While America took a major stand in support of Black Lives Matter in 2019 that vastly broadened the awareness of Juneteenth, it’s safe to say that June 19 is a day that should be observed and celebrated each and every year across the nation. The importance of that date goes back to 1865, which marks the official freedom of the enslaved—two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was made “effective.” To help support this commemoration, BELLA+CANVAS Retail has teamed up with New Orleans-based fashion imprint WRLDINVSN to create a T-Shirt dedicated to their heritage and Juneteenth as a whole.

WRLDINVSN co-founders Nick Clark and Marlon Watts

By donated all asphalt-colored garments to the label, the WRLDINVSN team put together an exclusive twist on their signature logo by giving it an African patterning treatment that sits emblazoned across the chest. The back of the T-Shirt boasts a powerful message by famed civil rights leader, philosopher, author and theologian Howard Washington Thurman that aptly reads, “Do Not Be Silent; There Is No Limit To The Power That May Be Released Through You.”

Sold exclusively through WRLDINVSN’s online store, the T-Shirts proceeds are donated to the label’s Louisiana Tech Scholarship Fund, with sales already amounting to the goal—within minutes, might we add—that has confirmed one lucky applicant to be sent through college! The WRLDINVSN x BELLA+CANVAS “Juneteenth” collab T-Shirt is still available through www.wrldinvsn.com but are flying off the shelves fast! And if you would like to make a direct donation to WRLDINVSN’s Louisiana Tech Scholarship Fund, click here.

To learn more about WRLDINVSN and its co-founders Nick Clark and Marlon Watts, check out our video below that highlights their trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles. During their time here, we invited them to hang out with us at the BELLA+CANVAS headquarters, took them on an official tour around our facilities and showed them around town. Throughout the video, Nick and Marlon speak on what it means to have created a hugely successful impact through their brand’s mission—they’re nothing short of an inspiration to us! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more compelling content.